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Our History

Front of buildingCharleston Internal Medicine, Inc. (CIM) saw its first patient in July 2001 on Courtney Drive in Kanawha City. By 2003, the practice had grown so much that it was bursting at the seams and required some changes. CIM purchased and remodeled its current location at 3701 MacCorkle Avenue, SE in Kanawha City in 2004 and welcomed both old and new patients to a facility twice the size of their old office. With the move, the practice expanded both services and staff to meet the growing health needs of the people living in the Kanawha Valley.

In September 2006, CIM installed an Electronic Health Record, one of the first private medical practices in the area to do so, and moved from a paper chart to a computer stored medical record. That change has helped CIM to provide the comprehensive and quality care each patient receives from our physicians and staff. Everything from a patient's medication list, family history, chart notes, tests ordered, test results, prescriptions requests and refills, and all patient messages and correspondence are kept in the patient's electronic chart for easy access. The system can alert the provider to any potential drug interactions that could cause complications for a patient if prescribed as well as informing the physician of any preventative service a patient might need based on their age and/or sex.

Because of the increased demands on our physicians and the continued increase in patient volume, CIM added their first mid-level provider to the practice in May, 2007. Mid-level medical providers, both Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners, allow the practice to continue to grow and provide a high quality of care while also allowing all providers to have a balanced life between work and family, both of which the providers enjoy.

In April, 2008 CIM installed an Appointment Self Check-In Kiosk allowing our patient's to electronically announce their arrival for their scheduled appointment. We were the first user of our EHR system in the country to implement the system. This technology gives our patients the ability to check in for their appointment, pay their co-payment, and any outstanding balance on their account. The Appointment Kiosk makes the check in process streamlined and efficient for both the patient and our office.

In 2009, Charleston Internal Medicine expanded once again. Two more physicians joined the group in March, bringing the total number of providers to five. The expansion allowed CIM to increase the level of care they provided to the community and to expand upon the technology used to provide that care.

In 2010 we expanded the diagnostic services offered at our facility. CIM purchased a GE Lunar DEXA machine. This equipment allows us to provide patients with an in-house test capable of measuring the mass, or density, of their bones so an effective treatment plan can be established that will help to sustain a particular paitent's bone strength for as long as possible allowing the patient to be mobile longer in their lifespan.

In 2011 CIM expanded again by adding another physician to the group.

Then in 2012, we expanded our ability to see patients in a more timely and efficient manner by creating two additional examination rooms and an additional triage room. Also in January, 2012 we added a full time Nurse Practitioner and in July, 2012, two new Physicians. We also secured the services of a full time hospitalist who has the responsibility of seeing all CIM patients when admitted to a Charleston Area Medical Center facility.

In 2013 CIM was selected by CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) to participate in a three year project on transforming health care in our area into a “Neighborhood” concept. CIM is a member of the Charleston community- which is one of 15 communities nationwide. The project has four goals” (1) Decrease overall health care costs, (2) Improve health of the population by 15%, (3) Improve patient experience by 25%, and (4) Work with other practices in our area, who are not a part of the project, to incorporate them into the “Neighborhood”.

In 2014 CIM applied to the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) to be recognized as a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH). This rigorous process required the staff and providers at CIM to evaluate their patient care process and implement processes and methods to help its patients become more involved in their healthcare. In early 2015 CIM received notification from NCQA that they were being awarded the highest level of PCMH designation- a Level 3 Patient Centered Medical Home.

In 2016, CIM began offering Chronic Care Management services to their patients. This service is a model of care designed to improve the coordination of healthcare for a patient with an overall emphasis on the patients well-being. Once enrolled in the program, the patient's PCP and care team carefully monitor and provide comprehensive care for the patient's chronic health conditions in a systematic way to supplement their regular face to face office visits.

Charleston Internal Medicine, Inc. is an ever growing and expanding healthcare facility searching for ways to help their Adult and Adolescent Patients meet their HealthCare needs.

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